Affiliate Guidelines

Web Dimensions, Inc. welcomes all affiliates who wish to participate in promotions of our products. We started out with a few large public launches such as Instant Content Curator Pro and Viral Image Curator Pro in 2012, and Viral Video Curator Pro in 2013. Since then we’ve launched ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory, Vidworkz, Traffic Connect, Cloud Movie Machine, Webinar Alpha and several others.

We’ve also been doing some very lucrative private promotions with select affiliates (if you can deliver buyers for cool software products, contact us and let’s set up a private promotion for you! Heavy hitters have netted 5 figures with our software over a weekend).

We welcome all affiliates with any size lists. While we would like to remit all commissions immediately, it is not possible to pay everyone in real time. Qualified JVs will be put on instant commissions and others on delayed for 30 days. But don’t worry, you will get your delayed commissions. This is just to protect us from getting into a situation where the customer refunds and we can’t get our commission back from the affiliate. Once we have a working relationship with you we will set you on instant.

Our customer refund period currently is 30 days.

If we don’t know you – please contact us before promoting our products so we can determine your level of marketing experience, your intended form of promotion and the volume of business we can expect from you, so that we can make sure you get approved promptly for your promotions.

Guidelines for Private Promotions:

  • Shoot for 72 hour sales with a one or two day pre-sell
  • Pre-sell / sell / sell / close is the email strategy
  • We set up a sales video page for you with your link in the Buy button
  • You mail the link to that page.

We ask that you observe the following during your private promotion:

  • Please do not bundle this promotion with any other software.
  • Please do not compare us or qualify us with any other software.

We are providing you an opportunity to make money. In exchange we ask that you promote our brand on its own, in a fully positive light, separate and apart from any other brands or products. A hypothetical example email may be as follows:

Hey there it’s Hugh here,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know about some amazing software I have discovered,

It’s called <software name> and it’s totally incredible – you can <do the awesome stuff the software does> in just a few clicks –

and if that’s not all, it has <a bunch of other awesome stuff and benefits> — well what can I say — typical awesomeness of Hugh’s Web Dimensions software.

I was able to twist Hugh’s arm into giving us an unbelievable deal on it, but the problem is, it’s just for three days.

We’ve made a video about it where Hugh shows you how it works, check it out here to see this cool tool in action:

<your link here>

Thanks and talk soon,


That’s all – just short, quick and easy — and totally positive and supportive of our tools and company. That is what is going to get you sales ? And that’s exactly what we all want, isn’t it? If it isn’t, then maybe you shouldn’t be promoting us! Just sayin’…

If you need a review copy of the software before promoting, please contact us and we can arrange that for you if you are a serious promoter.