Past Launches

Check out some of our past launch successes and imagine taking part in the proceeds! Mail our offer and you WILL make money đŸ™‚


Feb 2-7 2017 – as a test, I didn’t really promote this much to JVs, but it was a really nice small $25k launch with double-digit EPCs:
Twitworkz Stats
Twitworkz Stats
This product is available for private promos so don’t hesitate to contact me to set one up for you so you can have these kinds of returns. This product is nowhere near market-saturated so you’ve got a great opportunity to make some cash.

Vidworkz / Cloud Movie Machine

April – June 2015
I launched Vidworkz and we made some nice recurring cash for affiliates, then re-branded it to Cloud Movie Machine and partnered with Simon Warner and Steve Benn to take in another six figures on the product. A lot of people made a LOT of money on these launches!
Cloud Movie Machine / Vidworkz Stats
Cloud Movie Machine / Vidworkz Stats
With a relatively large launch like Cloud Movie Machine, your EPCs eventually get messed up because of junk traffic. But we were getting $9 EPCs over the launch. Look for Vidworkz 4.0 launching soon.

ICC Keyworkz

ICC Keyworkz
Again not a huge launch but great stats, guaranteed money – check out the EPCs!

Relaunched with Simon and Steve as Traffic Connect:
Traffic Connect Funnel
Traffic Connect Affiliates

To Be Continued…

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The Web Dimensions Team

Hugh Hitchcock is a software creation guru behind mega-launches like ICC Pro, Viral Image Curator Pro and Viral Video Curator Pro, Vidworkz, Twitworkz, Cloud Movie Machine, Traffic Connect, and many other software titles.

He knows what the market wants, and proves that time and time again with his imaginative software releases.

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