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commissions that you can make doing a private promotion of Twitworkz

Do you have a list that is responsive to social media offers? Then you might want to consider doing a private promotion for our recent release, Twitworkz.

Twitworkz has proven to be a crowd-pleaser in terms of users who want to advance their marketing with Twitter. And JVs have made very nice commissions from promoting Twitworkz with EPCs over $16 and close to %12 conversion with an average profit per sale of over $140.

That’s a real comment from a JV who promoted Twitworkz to their social media friendly list.

Please contact us today to set up your private promotion.

And we’ve learned that potential Twitworkz customers come in two varieties – either they get it, or they don’t. And those that get it, absolutely go crazy over this software.

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Pretty much anyone that’s been around the block with Twitter a time or two, or WANTS to, understands the value of this software.

Please contact us today to set up your private promotion.


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Twitworkz cloud-based software
Launch Date: Feb 2, 2017 11am EST
$37mo. / $97yr / $197 -> $97
50% Commissions
$2000 in Cash Prizes! $1k first prize

Twitworkz is our latest invention that will really help your customers grow their Twitter following on auto-pilot – it’s built specifically for that. Plus the included Tweeter module will help them monetize on auto-pilot.

3 Agency Licenses: $37 monthly : $97 yearly : $197 lifetime


The front end product is presented in monthly, yearly and lifetime agency with the no brainer being the $197 lifetime version which we’re offering just for the launch. As an OTO, your customers will really win out with a custom training program given by Hugh called “Twitworkz Mastery” for $97.

So you’ll have the opportunity to bank up to $144 per sale with this funnel (50% of up to 17~27~37+47+97 with monthly contuinity, or 197, + 97 upsell). Get your affiliate link here:

Sign up for prize eligibility here:

Sales Page Preview here:

Offer your customers a solid, powerful solution that they’ll love and make up to $144 per sale instant commissions for qualifying JVs.

Walk-through video:





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